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Sponge, sewing, water

variable dimensions

Continuing his research developed in her drawings - Ta Panta Rhei -,

Letizia Romanini concentrates during her residency in RAVI on the analysis of a particular phenomenon: the crystallization of a form and a material in suspended states. Taking as a starting point the observation of a dishwashing sponge drying on the edge of asink, she carries out different experiments on this particular material which combines flexibility, malleability andmorphological variation. Each essay brings together new forms that the artist manipulates during the evaporation time of the water before allowing them to congeal.

As a result of these manipulations, Variations # 2 and Variations # 3 retain the imprint. Suspended in space, they become envelopes with a light and soft appearance, crystallized temporarily in an in-between. The gestures posed by Letizia Romanini play on forms and counterforms. These respond to the place they inhabit and thebody that runs through them. The natural light as an important element in the workshop space, amplifies thisrelationship.

It highlights the folds that form each shaped volume. As in the works of the Flemish Primitives who feed the work of the artist, during his stay in Belgium,the light reveals the movements of the fabric, accentuatingthe impression of lightness and flutter.

Céline Eloy, art historian.


View Open Studio june 2017 - RAVI
(Résidences Ateliers Vivegnis International), Liège, BE

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