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performatif installation, paper, ink 

variable dimension

Letizia Romanini draws inspiration from the everyday life that surrounds her, which leads her to work with variousand often trivial techniques and materials. She focuses on transfiguring the real into deeply aesthetic and poetic installations. His taste for the collection creates a rhythm in his work, a seriality that is also found in his creative process. By imposing strict and rigorous rules of the game, the artist orchestrates and executes repetitive gestures, always identical, for hours, until it switches to a state of meditation.

For the piece Mat der Nues bäilaafen - Luxembourgish title meaning «to go straight into the wall» - the artist folds by hand 1500 paper planes, which she throws against the wall after dipping their tip in black ink. The protocol generates a gestural and sonorous choreography in two stages that stretches over several days.
Once the folding is finished, aim. Launch. Restart. Of his performance, there are only traces, blackened impactsand failed, such remnants of a child’s game that would have turned into a nightmare. The work evokes a certain inevitability, but also the beauty of a determined insistence.

Isabelle Henrion, independent curator.

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